Caya Dick Cooper 11, San Nicolas, Aruba

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Refineria di Aruba N.V. (RdA)

The Aruba refinery has formerly been owned and operated by several multinationals dating back to 1924. Aruba, now owns the Refinery and its Facilities after more than 90 years.

Citgo Aruba Contractual Obligation

Compliance Monitoring

Several agreements signed with Citgo Aruba Refinery N.V

Improve the Environmental Condition

Natural Gas Supply

Construction of a 110-km pipeline from Venezuela

Reduce Carbon Emission

Innovative Aruba Micro-Algae Pilot Plant

Integration of Special Projects for Innovation

Energy Sector Certification Program

Training and Development

Training and Development in the energy sector.

Our Core Responsibilities

Our People are Saying

Alvin Koolman

Alvin Koolman

CEO & Managing Director
Its a big honor for me to be the first General Director of Refineria di Aruba. We have a commitment to the environment. Our strategic plan with CITGO aims at efficiency and sustainability.
Gina Maduro

Gina Maduro

HR, Training & Development Manager
We have a vocation to generate employment, preserve the environment and generate a sustainable ecosystem over time. Energy supply and export must be strategic pillars of Aruba..
Shandy D. De Mey

Shandy D. De Mey

Tank Truck Driver
We focus on meeting the expectations of citizens and tourists, improving day by day.
Sergio J.F. Schwengle

Sergio J.F. Schwengle

FMSA Acting General Manager
Permanent supply and care of our customers, preserving the environment.
Mandy Leijenaar

Mandy Leijenaar

Communication & Marketing Manager
Focused on value creation with efficiency. Managing business ethically and sustainably.
Integrity & Reliability Manager

Integrity & Reliability Manager

Integrity & Reliability Manager
The objective is to become a comprehensive energy company through diversification of projects

We work with our partners to achieve Excellence in Execution.