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FMSA Recognizes Mr. Aiky Croes & Mrs. Elva Croes-Tromp

Mr. Mario Alcaldo Croes – better known as Aiky Croes, is known for his many years of service as dealer of combustible. Mr. Croes initiated his career in Colony in 1960, as an employe of his father’s— Mr. Francisco C. Croes, his gas station, and lastly as dealer of Citgo Savaneta. Simultaneously, FMSA recognized Mrs. Elva-Croes Tromp—better known as Mrs. Elsa Croes wife of Mr. Aiky Croes, for her many years of service at the Citgo Savaneta gas station. On Friday, May 18th, 2018, FMSA invited both Mr. & Mrs. Croes and other guests to attend a lunch specially dedicated to their years of service working with the different “Marketing & Supply” companies starting from Lago up until now with the company Fuels Marketing & Supply Aruba N.V. During this pleasant afternoon, guests exchanged and revived memories and anecdotes working with and for the dealership. The lunch ended with a speech given by Mr. Alvin Koolman—CEP & Managing Director of RdA, showing his appreciation and giving thank you to both Mr. & Mrs. Croes for their many years of service, followed by Mr. Sergio Schwengle, Glenn Geerman, Marlon Werleman, Rudy Croes and lastly Mr. Aiky Croes.

It’s important to mention that the dealership of family Croes is celebrating its 65 years this year, a milestone that surely needs its recognition. Mr. Rudy Croes elaborated about the changes for Citgo Savaneta and is excited to innovate where this is necessary. The lunch was concluded by wishing Mr. & Mrs. Croes all the success in the world with their future endeavors, while simultaneously wishing Mr. Rudy Croes success upon becoming the new dealer for Citgo Savaneta.

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