Caya Dick Cooper 11, San Nicolas, Aruba

+297 281-0100

RdA & FMSA Support Koningin Wilhelmina Kanker Fonds (KWF)

The RdA and FMSA team spend their Saturday on May 12th, collecting funds at a variety of locations around our island, namely at Citgo Boulevard, Zara Store at Oranjestad, Ling and Sons and Citgo St. Cruz to support Koningin Wilhelmina Kanker Fonds with their yearly fundraising efforts in the months of April & May. As you may already know, KWF is a local non-profit foundation with the objective to prevent and fight cancer in Aruba. They provide a variety of free services to patients and their families including:

  • Prevention of cancer by providing information and guidance
  • They assist cancer patients with prosthetic implants, prothesis, special bras and swimwear
  • They offer support groups
  • They provide patients with wigs, in case of hair-loss due to chemotherapy
  • They provide home care for cancer patients that are in their terminal phase, e.g. certified
    nurses, hospital beds, wheelchairs etc.
  • Transportation to and from hospital for chemotherapy, lab tests etc.
  • Assist with companion travel expenses

If you’re interested to make a donation or be a part of their yearly volunteer efforts, please visit them at Spinozastraat #9, or call at (297) 582-0412, you can also send an e-mail to RdA & FMSA would like to thank all volunteers for their yearly contribution to Koningin Wilhelmina Kanker Fonds and for being part of this amazing initiative.

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