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FMSA Tank Truck Drivers Receive 3 New Freightliners

At FMSA we value and empower our employees to increase their capacity to work safe, smart and effectively to reach both their personal and FMSA’s goals. By doing so, we’ve purchased 3 new Tank Trucks to add to the FMSA portfolio to work more efficiently and achieve set goals. On Thursday, May 18th, 2018, Yrausquin organized an event to hand over our new and improved Tank Trucks. Our new Trucks are purple in color and have the FMSA branding to be recognized on the roads around the island. The event initiated with a few speeches given by Yrausquin and its partners, and lastly by ours truly Mr. Luis “Lucho” Panneflek, who gave a speech and received the keys to the trucks on behalf of FMSA.

Since fuel trucks carry flammable products and have traffic operating limitations such as large blind spots, long stopping distances and limited maneuverability it is imperative that drivers sharing roads on Aruba with FMSA trucks put extra focus on safety by staying out of trucks’ blind spots, passing trucks safely, giving trucks ample space when driving behind them, anticipating wide turns, being patient with slow moving trucks, avoid cutting in to close in front of trucks, and staying clear of trucks that are de-fueling at a station. Our Tank Truck Drivers go through extensive training to pursue their daily tasks, and do so with much pride, dedication and hard work.

FMSA would like to thank Yrausquin for hosting our company on such a wonderful afternoon.

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