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FMSA Aviation Appreciation Week

Fuels Marketing & Supply Aruba N.V. (FMSA) is very proud to have hard working, committed, safety minded and enthusiastic employees that strive to achieve operations
excellence at the workplace.

During the week of August 22 to August 31, 2018, FMSA celebrated its second employee appreciation week, to recognize the aviation fueler team members.

The week initiated with a luncheon at the Fish House restaurant located at Varadero. All office employees, managers and aviation fueler team members attended this lunch. Team members had the opportunity to share their experience with their fellow colleagues and new team members had the opportunity to ask questions about their colleagues’ day-to-day. They praised each aviation fueler for their continued dedication which is the foundation to any successful company. In turn, the fuelers also had the chance to share their experience and knowledge. Following this lunch, continued a week of activities, where FMSA and Refineria di Aruba N.V. (RdA) managers were scheduled on daily jet fuel delivery trips to shadow their colleagues and get acquainted with their tasks to give them the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal basis.

FMSA employees work safely and efficiently to deliver the best product and service yearround and will continue to ensure that their employees are valued and appreciated. Communication and teamwork are essential characteristics for our organization’s success. In a multi-shift environment where highly flammable product transport takes place from outlet to outlet, it takes a unified team effort to be efficient and achieve customer satisfaction.

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