Caya Dick Cooper 11, San Nicolas, Aruba

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Fuels Marketing & Supply Aruba N.V. (FMSA)

About FMSA

Fuels Marketing & Supply Aruba NV (FMSA) is a local incorporated company engaged in the import, storage, marketing and distribution of petroleum products to a variety of consumers in Aruba. Refineria di Aruba NV (RdA) is the owner of FMSA, as well as giving management support. The government of Aruba is the sole shareholder of RdA.

FMSA’s business activities encompass:

  1. The lease of 5 FMSA owned Gasoline & Diesel stations
  2. Supply Agreements with all 14 Gasoline & Diesel stations
  3. Service & lease agreement with Aruba Airport Authorities
  4. Supply agreements with Airline companies
  5. Projects for innovation and other business developments
  6. Supply of Fuel Oil to the local utility company WEB Aruba NV
  7. Supply of Diesel Bunker to vessels

FMSA Products

In order to guarantee supply of on-specification petroleum products, FMSA signed a non-exclusive agreement with CITGO Petroleum Corporation for clean fuels and Novum Energy Trading Corporation for High Sulfur Fuel Oil (HSFO) which predominantly delivers products from the Gulf of Mexico, where most refineries are located. FMSA markets and distributes a variety of petroleum products, such as:

  • High Octane Gasoline and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Jet-Fuel and Aviation Gasoline
  • Fuel Oil for the local Utility company WEB Aruba NV

The Market

Its primary market are the Gasoline & Diesel dealer stations, industrial, commercial, transportation and construction companies. Through its marine activities, FMSA also provides Diesel Fuel to leisure and other sea-going vessels at the ports of Oranjestad, Barcadera and San Nicolas. FMSA also signed a Terminal Service Agreement with CITGO Aruba for the allocation of several storage tanks with a combined capacity of 1.5M barrels, facilities for the heating and pumping of Fuel Oil to WEB Aruba NV and loading rack operation for the distribution of Gasoline, ULSD and Jet-Fuel.


FMSA has a variety of state-of-the-art delivery trucks with the following statistics:
1. Jet-Fuel Tank Trailers of 10,000 Gallon Capacity – Single Compartment
2. Gasoline & Diesel distribution:
a. Two 10,000 Gallon Trucks – Each Five Compartments
b. One 8,500 Gallon Truck – Four Compartments
c. One 8,000 Gallon Truck – Four Compartments
d. One 6,000 Gallon Truck – Four Compartments
3. Fuel Oil is transferred through a pipeline to WEB Aruba NV

The Future

Alternative fuel sources are becoming more popular and the market engages in more energy efficient vehicles. While this may be a challenge in fact with regards to FMSA’s future business, we embrace this development and are closely researching all potential opportunities to ensure FMSA’s continuation in this new era.

Fuels Marketing and Supply Aruba NV is wholly owned by Refineria di Aruba NV since October 1st, 2016. It currently has a total of 38 management, staff and personnel employees and shares the same core values as its parent company RdA.