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Definitive Participation Agreement

Simultaneously on October 1st, 2016 the Government of Aruba and CITGO entered into a Definitive Participation Agreement (DPA).

Terms and conditions

CITGO will participate in and fund the rehabilitation of the Aruba Refinery to operate as an Extra Heavy Crude Upgrader facility, to continue the operation of the transshipment terminal and the marine operation.

Pursuant to this DPA, RdA and CITGO Aruba Refinery (CAR) entered agreements to lease the refinery assets, the transshipment terminal assets & storage tanks, marine assets and part of the respective refinery lands.

Refineria di Aruba N.V. (RdA)

OUR Mission

Our mission is to proudly and effectively represent Aruba in the energy sector and champion the development and alignment of all energy enterprises under one goal. We provide value to our stakeholders, we increase customer satisfaction and we are a responsible citizen for the community. We will actively participate in the preparation and development of Aruba’s next generations for the upcoming innovations and technologies in order to achieve a sustainable, competitive, diversified economy and contribute to the export of knowledge and skills.

OUR Vision

Tenaciously preserve our patrimony and shape Aruba to become a leader in the energy sector beyond our borders.

Who we are

Refineria di Aruba N.V. was established on October 1, 2016 as an organization functioning primarily as the executive of several agreements signed with CITGO Aruba. The Refinery and Terminal Lease Agreements have a duration of fifteen (15) years, with a ten (10) years extension option.

CITGO Aruba, a group of operating companies under PDV Holding (a PDVSA subsidiary), will operate the facility with CITGO Petroleum Corporation providing management services to the group. CITGO Aruba committed an investment of $715 million to transform the refinery into a plant designed exclusively to upgrade Venezuelan extra-heavy crude oil. This means that the refinery in Aruba will not be a traditional refinery in the downstream but is considered a crude upgrader in the upstream sector.

OUR Core Values

We are defined by our core values. We start with the commitment that doing the correct thing is firm and non-negotiable. Safety, environmental, and social responsibilities, as well as ethical behaviors empower us to serve the community of Aruba at home as well as beyond our borders.


We are BOLD in doing the correct thing, going after opportunities and instilling excellence in what we do.


We are an all-inclusive professional team of experts, thinkers, doers and mentors.


We are responsible citizens for our community by taking ownership in our commitments to make a difference to Aruba and beyond our borders.


We value and empower our employees to increase their capacity to work safe, smart and effectively to reach both their personal and RdA’s goals.

RdA Leaders

Alvin Koolman

CEO & Managing Director

Veroushka Croes

Financial Controller

Gina Maduro

HR, Training & Development Manager

Mandy Leijenaar

Communication & Marketing Manager

Francie Croes

Office Manager

Elgin Kock

Profit Administrator

Madonna Hassell

Administrative Assistant

Ashrock Gario

Policy & Training Associate

Kryss Facun

Research and Development Liaison Manager

Alvin Profet

Operations Compliance Manager

Franklin Hoevertsz Jr.

Legal Advisor

Glenroy Wilson

Training & Development Policy Coordinator

Halroye Hudson

Security Supervisor

Our Refinery, Our Heritage, Our future.